What clients say about Charlie Martien

Client Recommendations

From a business and personal client in the construction business:

Charlie Martien has represented me for the past 14 years in matters personal and professional. In every legal matter that he has undertaken for us, he has saved us time and money in coming to a timely resolution. We retain Charlie for most transactions and disputes and the cost of this results in a far greater monetary value. He saves us a lot of money! He extends dignity to all parties and negotiates in a manner that keeps everyone on an even keel. I would highly recommend Charlie for any legal matters.

From a long-time business client:

It has been great doing business with you for the entire 19 years, Charlie. Congratulations and thanks for your help over the years. All of us at [business name] appreciate you.

From a pro bono estate planning client:
Published in The Colorado Lawyer:

Recently I found myself in need of a lawyer and realized my present finances would definitely be stretched if I had to pay the on-going fees for an attorney. I visited Boulder County Legal Services and it was determined I was eligible for the pro bono services of an attorney.
My case was assigned to Charles Martien, an attorney in Boulder. Mr. Martien and his staff were extremely courteous and professional, and treated me with the greatest respect. These days, one seems to hear many negative comments about lawyers. I want to be on record letting people know that Mr. Martien and his staff gave me a most positive personal experience.

From a long term business and personal client:

This letter is to thank you for your excellent representation on the wide variety of matters that we have presented to you over the past several months.
Your timely, capable and honest dealing with us has meant a great deal as our business grows and develops. We look to you as a source of trusted advice, and we have been very impressed with the quality of your legal services.
We feel fortunate to have made your acquaintance, and while we feel we are probably one of your more demanding clients, we would like to take this moment to say “thank you.” We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding professional association.

From a real estate client:

Thank you for . . . taking on my case. You handled it with intelligence, creativity, and persistence, and achieved the best outcome possible . . . I am happy to recommend you.

From a business client:

I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work on our behalf and send you a little note updating you on [company name]. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated everything that you contributed. You really went above and beyond, particularly when a large, national corporation already had our name trademarked and you were able to convince them to relinquish it. I have really enjoyed working with you and look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

From a probate client:

Thank you, Charlie. You have made everything so easy. Deep gratitude to you for handling everything. Be well.

From a probate client:

[The other party’s attorney] said that [your contract] was the best, [most] well balanced construction contract he has seen. He would like to use it in the future.